Parents With Kids Ages 7-11

Kids Ages 7-11

Resources for parents with kids ages 7-11

  • Positive encouragement can go a long way with a child. When you notice your child doing something well, make sure you let them know it. This can help boost their self-esteem and encourage positive behaviours. A simple “good job” can show them that you noticed the good behaviour and that you appreciate it.
  • To help avoid power struggles, give your child choices that, regardless of the choice the child makes, you can accept. After giving the choices, step away from the situation and allow your child time to consider the choices and make a decision. This empowers them and allows them to make their own decisions while still following your instructions.
  • Prior to going to an event with your child, set up clear expectations with your kids; will they have a treat or not; how long are you planning to stay at the event; what are the expectations with respect to staying close to you at the event, and what is the consequence if they don’t stay close to you; what are the expectations when everyone returns home, do chores still need to be done? Be clear on what you expect of them and what they can expect of you. Have Fun!
  • When your child is engaging in a conversation with you, remember to try these steps to listening:
  1. Stop what you are doing
  2. Look at  your child
  3. Identify/validate with their feelings
  4. Respond to Content
  • Family meals can be a time to strengthen family ties and help keep you up to date on your children’s lives. Meals together can actually lead to better physical and mental health. Try implementing meals together one to two days a week (without distractions such as television). 
  • Your own actions are your greatest tool to teach and shape your child into the person you hope they become. Practice what you preach. Your child will learn to cope (regulate their emotions) through watching how you cope (regulate your emotions).