Indigenous Resources

Casey Eagle Speaker
The Indigenous Resources Department provides cultural awareness and services to Hull’s clients and staff in all programs and departments.
The department offers support, training, resources and spiritual experiences to everyone interested in learning the history and cultural traditions of Indigenous people.
Our department has helped many kids, youth, adults and families regain a sense of balance through understanding and awareness of aboriginal heritage and how it impacts them.
The Indigenous Resources Department is unique in that it carries three mandates:
  • To give cultural support for all indigenous youth, adults and families currently receiving services at Hull as part of their overall needs.
  • To provide educational instruction to all Hull staff through our Indigenous Awareness Training.
  • To provide cultural support to all Indigenous staff working at Hull through our Indigenous Voices Committee.

The department also offers a series of training programs that explore indigenous culture and history building awareness and understanding for both indigenous and non-indigenous people.

Clients and staff are invited to attend a monthly traditional sweatlodge that assists education and spiritual development as well as an annual Pow Wow that promotes various traditions within indigenous communities.

Our goal is to work with all Indigenous clients and their families where possible and to educate staff to provide a holistic compliment to individual needs based upon cultural respect.
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Casey Eagle Speaker