2017 Hull Services Annual Report

Submitted by Wes on Wed, 01/03/2018 - 13:12
The 2017 Hull Services Annual Report

The 2017 Hull Services annual report is here and we want you to read it from cover to cover.

Annual reports can be staid documents that are often created more out of duty than opportunity. At Hull Services we aim to alter this well-worn path by instead offering a report that is compelling to the audience because it goes to the very core issues that affect many of the children and young people we come in contact with.

Diary of an Angry Young Man is the story an unnamed 17-year-old who is confronting a past filled with trauma and turmoil and hints at a future with guarded optimism.

This is a story of a child, now a young man, who has been mistreated by those who were entrusted with his care. An individual who reacts to his circumstances—as many of us would—in anger. Yet throughout his hardships he retains his humanness, his yearning for connection and hope that his circumstances can improve.

It would be easy to reduce this story to cliché outlining a troubling life path that suddenly is filled with ease and enjoyment. This is not our experience. Children, youth and families who endure trauma in the form of abuse, neglect, grief, and loss, do not simply shake off the impacts. Yet with expert care, understanding and support they can and do succeed.

And so while reading this intimate reflection of an angry young man please keep in mind the many thousands of children and families Hull Services supports (with your assistance) so they too can lead happy, healthy, and productive lives.


George Ghitan

Executive Director, Hull Services


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