Retirement of Hull Services Executive Director

Submitted by Stephen on Fri, 10/27/2017 - 11:07

Retirement of Hull Services Executive Director


George Ghitan, the Executive Director of Hull Services since 1996, recently advised Hull’s Board of Governors of his intention to retire in August 2018. The Board expresses its deep appreciation for all that he has done during his tenure to build an organization that is a key provider of leading edge behavioural and mental health services for thousands of children and their families in the Calgary area and beyond.


The Board has been working with George on his succession plan for a number of years and has put in place a Search Committee to identify potential succession candidates for the Executive Director role. The Search Committee plans to consider interested potential internal as well as external candidates for the role, and will be engaging a third party executive search firm to assist in this process. The intent is to have an orderly succession leading up to George’s retirement in August 2018.


Further inquiries can be directed to Wes Lafortune, Communications Coordinator, Hull Services.


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