Happy Hullidays

Submitted by mcann on Mon, 09/30/2019 - 12:02
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Every year, many children, youth and families have little or nothing at Christmas. While there are some resources in the community, such as hamper programs, they often fill up quickly or people are turned away because they don’t qualify. Additionally, children who live in care at Hull Services often spend Christmas in their programs, with no opportunity to visit family. 

How can you help!

Hull Services has created three options to help support the multitude of needs for our children, youth and families in our programs this holiday season:

  1. Gifts For Kids and Youth 
    Hull has several Therapeutic Campus Based Care programs and community group settings where children and youth live while they are receiving support from Hull. Many of these young people have little to no natural connections to family. You can help to ensure that every child and youth residing in our programs will have a present to open on Christmas morning. Click here to support Gifts for Kids and Youth.
  2. Adopt-A-Family or Individual
    Donors are matched with a family, or individual and provided with a “wish list” specific to them. A Hull staff member, working directly with the recipient, will assist in the coordination of your Hamper donation. Family compositions can vary from a single parent, to families with several children and parents living in one home. Hull also supports young adults who are transitioning to adulthood, and who have little to no natural support in their lives. They often live alone. Click here to support Adopt-A-Family or Individual 
  3. Happy Hullidays Fundraising Kit
    We partner with local businesses wanting to support children, youth and families at Christmas and engage their staff, customers and clients to contribute as well. We provide a donation box, gift collection box, posters, information and donor cards to assist your efforts and we are happy to bring you everything your business needs to participate. Click here to support Happy Hullidays Fundraising Kit

While this year’s needs are numerous and vary significantly, we want you to know that 100 per cent of your donation goes directly to the child, youth or family identified. We can also attest to how much your donation is appreciated by the individual receiving it.

Please help us to make this festive season brighter for these children, youth and families in our programs by supporting our Happy Hullidays initiatives.