We Believe

We recognize and support the fundamental needs in life of the people we serve: to care and be cared for, a sense of belonging and autonomy in the pursuit of aspirations and dreams.
We work to improve the level of functioning and adaptation of the people we serve.
We believe that children are innately good, though severe life challenges give rise to negative coping behaviour. Our young people are resilient and they deserve our support.
We will support the development and rediscovery of a variety of support systems and relationships, and look to help create an experience of family and community belonging for those we serve.
We create meaningful change through the use of our expertise and involvement of the young person’s significant relationships.
We utilize a strength-based approach, recognizing existing skills, experiences, and relationships.
We are an innovative leader and advocate for the needs and rights of those we serve, both individually and at the broader community and policy level.
We believe that we must recruit the best staff members, volunteers and caregivers as they are critical to the mission of Hull, and we will engage, support and develop their abilities within a positive work environment.
We believe that the diversity of our staff and persons served brings opportunities to accomplish our work through recognition of their experiences, strengths, and beliefs.
We believe it is crucial to deliver a continuum of services, from early intervention, to intensive treatment, and long term community support when necessary.
We strive for continuous improvement based on evaluation and best practices, leading to accountability to those we serve, our funding partners, and our community as a whole.
We will act with integrity as a committed partner on behalf of the best interests of our community.