Outcomes and Competencies

We strive to accomplish:
  • Reduction of risk in the lives of children, adults, families and communities
  • Skill development, pro-social healthy choices and personal autonomy in the lives of those we serve
  • Permanence in placements and continuity of relationships
  • Family and community Involvement and inclusion
  • Core competencies
Our strengths:
  • We serve individuals and families who are an extreme challenge to others.
  • We serve children and adults from two groups: those who present with mental health and behavioural issues, and those who combine these with developmental disabilities.
  • We provide expert clinical and program management, based upon best practices and innovation.
  • Our services work across domains, impacting children, adults, families, schools and communities.
  • Our people and infrastructure, including our skills and experience, training and evaluation, allow us to accept and succeed with new challenges.