About Us

Hull Services

Hull Services Vision

Children free from behavioural and mental health challenges that impact them, their families, and society.

Hull Services Mission

Hull partners with young people and families, building resilience today for a brighter tomorrow. 

Core Values 

Purpose: We are clear about our purpose, intentional in our practice and ethical in our conduct.

Inclusion: We are better together, celebrating diversity and honouring the uniqueness of each person.

Connection: We believe that well-being and healing happen through authentic, respectful and nurturing relationships.

Knowledge: We draw from multiple sources and ways of knowing to guide our planning and practices.

Space: We create environments to promote relationship, healing and safety.

What is Hull Services?

Hull Services is a registered charitable organization that provides an integrated continuum of services including specialized therapy, counselling and education. Hull helps children, youth and families who experience emotional and psychological disorders, behavioural problems, learning disabilities, mental illness, developmental delay, neglect, abuse and trauma. 

    Why We Exist

    We aim to create the conditions in society where children and their families are free from behavioural and mental health challenges. In Calgary we've been working toward this goal for more than 50 years.

    We work with children who have often experienced chaotic, trouble filled lives. Hull offers them, and their families, an opportunity to seek health and happiness with a focus on mental health. 

    What guides our work every day is a belief in the dignity, wellness and worth of all. This combined with a commitment to integrity, collaboration, trust and accountability.  Simply put, we care. And we want you to care too.

    Our founder, and continuing inspiration, William Roper Hull, was an entrepreneur, visionary and philanthropist. His contributions to Calgary, the province of Alberta and Western Canada left a blueprint of good citizenship for legions of others to emulate. In 1883 he said of Calgary, “There will be a city of at least 25,000. I see houses, schools, shops and churches and everything one needs for a happy life and I will help to build it.” 

    Mr. Hull recognized that a good life requires a fabric of services, resources and relationships.  Because of William Roper Hull’s generosity, thousands of children and their families are helped each year through Hull Services. 

    In 2020 we continue to strive toward the highest of ideals and remain steadfast in our belief that every child, every family, matters.