Building Resilient Learning Environments: A Systems Approach to Child and Adult Social Emotional Learning

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It takes more than researched programs and good intentions to help children respond to today’s challenges. A systems approach that recognizes the critical interplay of social emotional learning, caregiver well-being and trauma informed practice is necessary in building resilient environments.

Join Hull Services and our expert panel of Dr. Mark Greenberg, Christa Turksma and Dr. Emily Wang as we explore these fundamental aspects of child, adult and organizational well-being.

March 20, 2020 | 9 a.m. - 12:30 pm. | First Assembly Church, 6031 Elbow Dr. SW, Calgary

Tickets: General Admission - $40 | Hull Staff - Free


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Hull Services offers a range of evidence-based and evidence-informed programs that support children, youth, adults and families to overcome challenges and build resilience. Our journey has been a dynamic one of learning and growth, steadily improving our understanding of the people we serve and how to most effectively support them.  Our service and treatment approaches have expanded and evolved, continuously building upon previous work through the introduction of new and complementary models of care.  This workshop is an example of exploring the foundational interplay of important bodies of knowledge -- social and emotional learning, trauma-informed care with specific consideration of the Neurosequential Model (Dr. B. Perry), and well-being for an organization and its staff. 

Many agency, program and school district leaders, school administrators and therapeutic personnel may be familiar with these bodies of knowledge, and perhaps have invested resources and time to introduce them to their organization. Join us as we seek to integrate the foundations of social and emotional learning, organizational well-being and trauma informed care; healthy systems for children, the caregivers, and the organization itself. This session will include sharing of latest related research, new practices and a reflection on this information through a trauma informed lens.  We hope this stimulates reflection and thoughts on next steps for your own organization.

There will be opportunity for a Q and A session with the panel of presenters. This workshop will be of interest to those working in:

  • schools
  • therapeutic settings
  • daycares, recreational and afterschool settings
  • family resource centres and in-home intervention 

Speakers Bios 

Mark Greenberg Bio

Christa Turksma


Dr. Emily Wang