Hull Family and Education Service

Hull Family and Education Service serves Calgary Board of Education referred students in their school, community and at home to enable them to experience success in meeting their school-based goals.

The Family and Education Service (FES) supports Calgary Board of Education (CBE) students enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 12 to address concerns that are impacting their functioning at school.

FES works with students, their families and their teachers in setting goals, planning and implementing strategies, and accessing resources that will assist students to be successful in school and in their community.

Our service helps to address the emotional, social and behavioral needs of students where these difficulties are impacting their learning.

FES is made up of 3 separate contracts, two of which are part of the Regional Collaborative for Calgary and Area (RCCA), and the third is a direct contract with the CBE.

  1. Area FES - serves schools in CBE Areas 3, 4 & 5 – RCCA service.
  2. Community Outreach in Pediatrics/Psychiatry in Education (COPE) - screening & consultation provided by physician- led teams for elementary students – RCCA service.
  3. Mental Health Classrooms - Family and Education Practitioners (FEPs) work with elementary, junior and senior high school students enrolled in classrooms designed to support those with severe (primarily) internalizing, mental health issues.

All referrals to the service come through the student’s school and must have parental/guardian consent.

Some of the concerns the Family and Education Service helps with are:

  • School-based concerns - motivation, transitions, attention;
  • Emotional concerns - anger, self-esteem, grief;
  • Social concerns - peer conflicts, friendship skills;
  • Family concerns - parenting strategies, home-school communication;
  • Behavioural issues - safety, bullying, defiance; and
  • Other - physical health related issues.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Referrals are initiated and submitted by the student’s school.
  • Students do not require crisis intervention.
  • Students have social, emotional and/or behavioral needs which can be addressed within the school setting.
  • Students can experience improved educational outcomes through short-term goals.
Contact Information: 
Program Coordinator, Helena Branco-Henezi, 403-238-7984,
Program Coordinator, Tess Oliver-Tieman, 403-238-7952,
Assistant Program Director, Jasmine Pearson, 403-251-8071,
Program Director, Kathleen Hagan, 403-207-2515,