Hull Family and Education Service

The Family and Education Service provides the Family Liaison team for the Community Outreach of Pediatrics and Psychiatry in Education (COPE) Program serving the Calgary Board of Education (CBE). COPE serves CBE referred students by matching the student with the service that best meets their school-based need. COPE is part of the Regional Collaborative Service Delivery (RCSD).

Working directly with schools, families and students, COPE provides pediatric and psychiatric-led consultations to clarify developmental, behavioural and/or mental health concerns identified by the school personnel about their students. COPE provides an assessment to identify the issues impacting the student so that the student can be matched with a service that can assist with that need. The COPE physicians generate management recommendations for teachers/schools, parents and the family physicians for students referred to COPE.

Each COPE team consists of a community Pediatrician or a Psychiatrist, a Family Therapist (Alberta Health Services) and a Hull Family Liaison.

COPE provides:

  • Comprehensive pediatric and psychiatric consultation.
  • Brief medical treatment (medication trials).
  • Case management provided by the Family Liaisons.
  • Enhanced psychology consultation.
  • Family Therapy-brief treatment.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Referrals are initiated and submitted by the student’s school personnel.
  • Students do not require crisis intervention.
  • Students are presenting with developmental, emotional and/or behavioural needs which are negatively affecting their learning.
Contact Information: 
Program Coordinator, Helena Branco-Henezi, 403-238-7984
Program Director, Jasmine Pearson, 403-251-8071